Sanlam Investments East Africa Limited

Earn compounded interest with Sanlam Money Market Fund.

Whatever level of investment you are at, you can count on Sanlam Money Market Fund to give your money the growth you are looking for. Invest from as low as KES 2,500

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Why invest with Sanlam Money Market Fund

Sanlam Money Market Fund is a conservative fund that aims to ensure capital preservation for investors while offering them compounded interest. The funds are invested in quality securities such as Treasury bills & bonds as well as fixed deposits with financial institutions and corporate debt.

Investment security

Sanlam Money Market Fund aims to provide capital preservation to investors.

Earn Interest

The fund offers investors interest which is calculated daily and compounded monthly.

Withdraw anytime

Withdraw your money anytime without loss of interest.


Historically the Sanlam Money Market Fund has performed better than the bank fixed deposits.

Top up anytime

Top up your Sanlam Money Market Fund account anytime from as low as KES 1,000


Managed by experienced and professional asset managers. The money is held by a trusted company separate from the managing company.

Grow your wealth with Sanlam Money Market Fund

Reach your financial goals by making your money grow over time. All you need to start investing is KES 2,500

Speak with a Financial Advisor

You can rely on one of Sanlam Money Market Fund expert to ensure you get the right investment advice to grow your personal, group, or your business wealth.

Required disclosures:

The effective annual yield is net of fees and gross of withholding tax. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance as price of units may rise or fall. In certain specified circumstances, the right to redeem units may be suspended. The Capital Markets Authority does not take responsibility for the financial soundness of the scheme or for the correctness of any statements made or opinions expressed in this regard. 

1-year return: Jan 2022 – Dec 2022 – 9.57% p.a | 3-year return: Jan 2019 – Dec 2022 – 9.40% p.a | 5-year return: Jan 2017 – Dec 2022 – 8.97% p.a